iim out. iill reply to other2 later or 2omethiin.

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turn that frown upside-down and maybe i’ll share my pancakes.


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ha2 liife been treatiin you wwell becau2e miine 2ure a2 FUCK ha2nt. but grudge2 a2iide, really. ha2 iit? or am ii wwa2tiing my breath here.


I Cant Honestly Say Life Has Been Mistreating Me Of Late

Im Not Particularly Happy But Thats A Different Matter Altogether

And How Are You I Dont Think Weve Even Spoken Since You Took This Form

on one hand iim not dead. on the other hand, iivve become a2 wwhat you 2ay. thii2 form. 2o fuck no. iim not good or really doiing wwell? but iit2 2ort of niice twwo 2ee you not entiirely angry at me.

from wwhat ii can 2ee you doiing, youvve been bu2y wwiith human2. are they ok enough to chat to becau2e that2 a thiing ii could probably do wwiith.


—me. riight noww.

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